Nelson Mandela – Success to win haters

If Mahatma Gandhi was the greatest exponent of man’s dignity, then Nelson Mandela, by his struggle, placed humanity in a higher position. In a recent survey, Mandela has been selected as the most respected and trusted person of all time. This is ultimately a tribute to Gandhism.

How important and relevant Gandhiji and his philosophy are can be gauged from the fact that Gandhian Nelson Mandela is still the most respected and trusted celebrity in the world. Nelson Mandela, who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, the first black president of South Africa, is active in public life even after being 93 years old. To improve the condition of South Africa’s ailing textile industry, he is bringing a new range of apparels, he also makes his presence felt on Twitter and repeatedly proves how smooth, public-friendly and good-hearted Gandhi’s path is. is. There is hardly anyone in the world who does not believe in Mandela’s performance. After all, what are those sources that have brought Mandela to the top despite all the difficulties. Some sources of Nelson Mandela’s success:

Life does not stop on one floor

“When you reach the top of any mountain, you will know that there are more mountain peaks.” You can be satisfied by touching one peak or you can also resolve to reach another new peak from there. If you are satisfied by climbing a peak, then what is the fault of the remaining peaks in it? May be to see new things on the new peak, feel new satisfaction. Apartheid ended in South Africa, it was a destination, but to progress it, there are other floors to eradicate social discrimination. This sequence of climbing mountains should always be continued.

Learn to be friends

‘If you want peace with your enemies, then learn to befriend them. He will be your partner after friendship. ”Your mind repeatedly says that you are right and your enemy is wrong. Remember, it is not easy to change any opinion about someone, but it is also not an impossible task. The mantra to deal with this is this, you should stop taking your thoughts and feelings more seriously. Think that your opponent can also be right on some issue. This opens the way for dialogue. After this your work becomes easy.

Fall then be careful soon

‘Fall is not defeat. Defeat is when no one has fallen and risen. ”Whenever you climb a mountain, it seems that again and again you have fallen, and the game is over! Everyone knows that this game goes on until someone falls and wakes up. Start falling, then be careful. Remember, the mountain looks big from a distance and it seems difficult to climb on it, but only with small steps we decide big distances. So do not be afraid of falling, there is no good in traveling with this fear.

Staring at the floor

‘If the water has to boil, then the heat has to keep on high.’ If the water is lukewarm and you turn off the heat, then how will the water boil? Sometimes it is nice to stop and look back, but it is dangerous because it slows down the speed. The habit of repeatedly looking back is not right. What to stop at a little success when the goal is far away. The more time you spend stopping, you will be able to get the floor as late as possible. It is better to stop on the floor.

Never lose patience

“Every task seems impossible before it is complete.” When the work is over, it is revealed that we have done what we ourselves thought was impossible. I have made many prison trips. Those were very difficult days when I was in the prison of Robben Island. For hours, we had to stay in a small cell in a damp room where only one bulb was lit. There was no way of time. Whatever was found in the name of food, it could not be called food. Years passed by seeing the newspaper, the letter could come in only one in six months, and it was censored in such a way that it was difficult to read. Meetings would have been held in months. Prisoners also could not communicate among themselves. In such a situation, the greatest achievement at that time was to protect oneself. But even at that time, my fellow prisoners did not lose their endurance.

Share the credit with others

“Lead from the back, let people stay ahead.” This may lead many to feel that the leadership is doing the same, but the real leadership is that you are invisible and the leadership belongs to you. Until a large number of people join any movement, the movement cannot succeed. Remember, every person wants to take credit. So learn to share your credit with others. The larger the target, the greater the number of people involved. People can make huge changes, not you alone.

Recognize the value of time

“Don’t wait for the right time, it will never come.” Seeing the situation, do not think that when they improve, then you will work. Things will never improve on their own. Never be afraid that you will do something that will be wonderful after stopping for some time. Whatever work you have to do, start immediately and die only after completing it. There is no easy path. Remember, your presence is important and your smile at any time. So don’t wait for time; it doesn’t stop for anyone.

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