Mr. Bean – One of the Best comedians in the world.

The whole world is colorful for Mr. Bean, which actual name is Rowan Sebastian Atkinson. Child in the young body! Thoughts and actions like children. Mr. Bean’s name brings a smile. The Observer ranks him among the top ten comedians in the world.

His answer in comedy is no. Mr. Chaplin and Peter Sellers influenced Mr. Bean does physical comedy and is more talked about than face expressions rather than Doylaug. This is why their programs are popular in every language.

Mr. Bean is British, but in countries like India, Egypt, France, Spain, Hungary, Italy, he also has a lot of popularity. They tickle people through stage, radio, TV, film mediums. His presence on the screen guarantees a smile. He smiles on screen sometimes as Monalisa, sometimes bin Laden, sometimes Obama and sometimes James Bond. Whatever Mr. Bean does, the audience enjoys it. When they go to the city, they joke, they do their work and laugh. Changing their clothes, traveling, going to church, driving a car, everything is comedy.

Bean’s shows are tremendously popular on TV. The animation character based on them is also popular. The number of his fans on Facebook is more than seven million. His video clippings are also seen extensively on YouTube. His standup comedy is generally more monologue. His biggest outburst in the TV world is ‘Not the Nine O Clock News’. All serials made under the name of Mr. Bean were liked. Now people are forgetting to take his real name. Bean’s cartoon characters are popular with children as well as elders.

Mr. Bean has done all kinds of films. Be it a detective story like James Bond or Pyaar Mohabbat, a character from Volt Disney or a comedy. He has also acted in nearly twenty famous films like ‘Never Say Never Again’, ‘Four Waving and a Funeral’, ‘The Lion King’, ‘Rate Race ..’, ‘The Vichage’. He became fond of acting in 1976 during his studies. In 1978 he also did a show called ‘Atkinson People’ on BBC Radio-Three, he came to Limelight in 1990, when he did the show ‘Not the Nine O Clock News’ on TV.

Born on January 6, 1955, Mr. Bean is not only the owner of Humorous Faces, but he is also fond of cars. He has also written a column on cars in a magazine. Tony Beyer’s classmate at school, Mr. Bean, who studies electrical engineering, says that I am a very bored man. In 1980, she met the BBC’s makeup artist Sunetra Shastri, who converted to marriage after ten years and has two children today. Mr. Bean says that Zindagi seems tragedy in close-up, but in long shot it is comedy.

Mr Bean’s car was a 1977 model mini car. Which was made by the British leyland company. Earlier, the orange car was supposed to be used instead of the green one, but it was damaged in an OffSpring accident. After which Green color vehicle was used.
In Mr Bean’s show, a total of 5 vehicles were used only in green colour. At the end of the show, one of them was sold to Carikar Cars. Which was later purchased by the Cars Of The Stars Motor Museum and kept in its museum. And later it was sold in the American Museum. And the rest of the car has been seen in many movies and TV aids.

One day he had to prepare a script for the Oxford Revue. For which he had only 48 hours, Rowan was standing in front of the mirror and looking at himself with different faces, then the idea of ​​a character like Mr Bean came to his mind.

Before bringing the character of Mr Bean to TV, he checked the character on several stages and shows. So that he can know whether people will like this character or not.He presented this character to the French public in the comedy festival of Just For Laughs, then people liked it very much. Because there was no dialogue in it, only physical comedy.

This character was ready but its name had not been thought of till now. The name of this show was earlier going to be named Sab Mr White. But the writers and producers of this show did not like it. Then he thought of naming them vegetables as well, like Mr Carrot still did not enjoy it, then finally Mr Bean was finalized.

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