Oprah Winfrey – School is the largest university in the world

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Winfrey has the distinction of being the highest donated celebrity in the world, having been honored with numerous awards. At Stanford University’s convocation, Oprah inspired young people around the world to become successful and noble people.

I learned many important things from my long career and personal life. Today I will discuss some special issues with you. Knowledge is the most important thing in life. I started working as an anchor in TV at the age of 19. My TV show used to end at 10:30 pm and my dad had a strict command, ‘Oprah, your show ends at 10:30, so you should be indoors by 11pm.’ It was a curfew order for me. When I started my career in TV, I was not a graduate.

My dad longed for a bachelor’s degree. He often used to say, ‘Oprah, what will happen to you without a degree?’ Then I would say, Dad I am a TV show host. What if I do not have a degree. But he was not satisfied. During this time I achieved great successes in TV and film career, I got many awards. I was invited to address the convocation of Tennessee State University, but I declined.

I said that I have yet another success, after this, I will give a lecture in the university. I finally got a bachelor’s degree from Tennessee State University and it was a real pleasure for my father. Today I can understand why my father used to put so much emphasis on my studies. Knowledge is important. The quality of knowledge is there, the more you spend it, the more it increases. However, knowledge is not limited to the university alone. The real beginning is outside it.

Listen to the mind

This is when I was the co-anchor of the six o’clock show in Baltimore. My salary was good, but I was not happy. My news director did not like my name at all. One day he said to me, ‘Your name is not good, no one will remember you by the name of Oprah, we have thought of a name, now your name will be Suzy.’ I said whether people remember me or not, I am not my name Will change Then he said that he does not like my look. They sent me to a salon to get my hair curly, a few days later my hair fell out and I was balmy. Imagine, a black and ganji anchor on TV, a very bad picture. Worse for me was that I was sent for coverage of people caught in disasters and accidents.

During this time I wanted to help people, but my boss would say, Oprah, you are a reporter, no social worker, focus on your work. I finally lost that job after eight months. I was told that I am excessively emotional. He did not remove me from his job, but removed me from the anchor position and put me in a talk show. I did what I thought was right. I did not change myself to please others. Every time I listened to my mind, my decisions were proved right. When I ignored the voice of my heart, my decisions were proved wrong. So listen to your mind.

Money is not everything

I think our feelings are our true motivators, which motivate us to move forward. Honor your conscience, you will get success by yourself. After all, what is the measure of success? Is earning a lot of money a success? Money is a good thing. I also like to earn money, it is a good means to buy goods. But earning a lot of money does not make you a successful person. Along with earning money, it should also have a good cause, because a good motive only makes you rich in reality. You become true rich only when people respect you, trust you.

pure pleasure

The important question is how to find true happiness? The answer is, by helping others. If you are in pain yourself, then help people who are struggling with the same pain as you. If you have more money, help others. Returning to society is the most important thing. Martin Luther King once said, “Not everyone can become famous, but everyone can become great, because greatness comes from service.” And no college degree is needed to serve. To serve you should have only desire to help people. Believe it, you will feel good by helping people, you will get real happiness.

Life lessons

I believe that the whole earth is a school, it is the largest university in the world. Life teaches you many lessons. Many times these lessons come in the form of difficulties. Life always gives you a loud voice. It is better to be alerted as soon as there are indications of difficulties. Only when dealing with challenges, we get solutions to the problem. A better way to learn is to improve yourself. One has to improve himself to make himself a good person. You have to develop understanding, a sense of compassion. I believe that inner knowledge is more valuable than wealth that is seen outside.

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