Dr. Tacy Thomas – Missile Woman

Some people call Dr. Tacy Thomas a ‘missile woman’, while many give her the title of ‘Agni-Putra’. He was the head of the country’s Missile Project (DRDO) and under his leadership, the successful launch of the surface-to-surface missile Agni-4, from the Wheeler Island of Orissa, three thousand kilometres away on 15 November. The missile can carry up to 1,000 kg of nuclear warheads and wreak havoc in enemy territory. Tacey is the first Indian woman to lead the missile project. It is now planned to test 5,000 km of Agni-5 ballistic missile, which is also headed by Tacy. Tessi, a disciple of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, is working in an area where men are believed to be dominant. Some sources of this amazing feat by Tessie Thomas:

Break the monopoly

Men have generally dominated the field of strategic weapons and missile with nuclear capability. Breaking this belief, Dr. Tessie Thomas made it true that some flight is also flown with fresh wings. In 1988, Tacy joined the fire project and since then she has been working continuously in this project. With his inspiration, DRDO employs over two hundred women. About 20 of them are directly related to them. Initially people used to tell them that in which world you are working, here only men are dominated, then she used to smile. The result of Tessie’s hard work is that today no one can say that the field of making nuclear missiles is only for men.

Learn to fight failures

Tacey became the head of the Agni project about three years ago and she got her first shock when the Agni-3 missile test failed. The Agni-III, part of a multi-billion dollar project, was tested near Balasore in Odisha and fell into the sea within just thirty seconds of its launch. There was a lot of criticism, but Tacy and his team did not give up and said that this is a failure, but not one that can break our spirits. He took responsibility for the technical error that was the cause of that failure and said that we have not failed, we will try again and succeed. Tacey knew the meaning of the failure of the project and the success of the whole world. He achieved his goal thanks to his hard work, dedication, loyalty and merit.

Proceed to leadership

Tacey never let his mind think that he was in an area where men dominated. He went on to lead his team of scientists and maintain the morale of the team. The challenge was very big for him. There was almost no credit for the success due to being a confidential project, and the media of the country and abroad was also ready to attack the defense policy of India, only on the pretext of Tacy, to correct the failure. The missile’s failure was sufficient reason to defame India. Tacey never cared for any criticism, he was always worried about achieving his goal. When women arrive in the missile field, she says ‘Science is no gender’. An important feature of hers is that she never takes any credit for giving success to her team. For the recent success, he has said that this is his team’s achievement.

Know your goal

Tacy was interested in science and mathematics since childhood. His attachment to rockets and missiles increased when the US Apollo Moon mission was successful. He had decided in his childhood that he had to go ahead and become an engineer. He received his B.Tech degree from Thrissur Engineering College, Kozhikode and was then selected for M.Tech from Defense Institute of Advanced Technology, Pune. Her journey as a daughter started as soon as she was selected for DRDO’s Guided Weapon Course. He specialized in ‘Solid System Propellants’. This is the element that fuels the Agni missile.

Work is important, not fame

Tacey knows that the work she is doing is quite important, but it has relatively little glamor or fame. Due to privacy, she does not like to meet many people in public life, she cannot get along. She spends most of her time in her work. He did not inform the media about his new achievement. He did not talk to the media even when the Agni-3 project had failed. His philosophy is clear that if the work itself is spoken, it is better. Important work.

Pay attention to family as well

She knows that the biggest ‘shock absorber’, if any, is the family. Dr. Kalam may be a disciple, but unlike him, Tacy is married and has a son, named ‘Tejas’ after the missile. Her husband is a Commodore in the Indian Navy. Her husband also lives a very busy life and both get very little time for their personal life. The solution to this problem is that whatever time is found, it should be spent as quality time. Tacy Thomas herself belongs to a middle-class family and knows the family’s values ​​very well.

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