Anupam Kher – Traveling is more important than the destination.

I wandered for years in Mumbai for work. Even at that time, I did not have hair on my head. The directors rejected me upon seeing it. Some even asked directly, ‘Ever seen your face in the mirror?’ But I was not disappointed. I believe that traveling is more important than the destination.

He has a distinct identity in the Indian film industry. Throughout his film career, Anupam Kher may not have become the hero of many films, but in front of his acting, well-known actors are seen filling the water. Apart from acting, Anupam Kher’s image is that of a serious thinking person. When he speaks, he talks openly about his successes as well as his failures. He believes that defeat leads to victory. Here is his motivational speech:

Dreams gave strength

Friends! I have not made any preparations for this lecture. I do not know on what subject I will speak. I just want to share some experiences of my life with you. Maybe through these experiences I can explain something to you. I was born in a lower middle class family of Shimla. I was not very good at studies and sports. But my dreams were big. My grandfather told me that dreams do come true. I wanted to do something different from others. My desire brought me to Mumbai. That is why I think that every person should dream for himself. It is important to decide what you want. Dreams arouse hopes and hopes show you the way to success. But remember, do not compromise your values ​​to fulfill dreams. It is very important to stick to your values.

Enjoy the trip

Everyone wants to get to the floor instantly. I think travel is more important than destination. Enjoy the journey You do not necessarily get what you want to do immediately. There will be many difficulties in the path of the floor. It is better that we learn to cope with difficulties rather than to panic. If the floor is found without failure, how will the important experiences of life be achieved? The course of struggle is difficult, but struggle in life has its own fun. You learn important lessons through struggle. It is important to understand this. The desire to get to the floor and the persistence of perseverance teaches you many things. Enjoy this experience, go ahead.

Failure lessons

The road was not easy for me. I wandered for many years in search of work in Mumbai. I was still bald at that time. All the directors rejected me on seeing them. Some even asked directly, “Ever seen your face in the mirror?” Apparently, everyone thought that how could a bald young man become a hero. But I kept scolding. I was not disappointed by the rejections. Eventually, after a long struggle, I got a job in a summary film. At that time, I was only 28 years old and in this film I had to play an elderly character. But I was really happy to get that role. I played that character with all sincerity. Ultimately, I was successful. To be fair, I have learned a lot from my failures. We should not be afraid of failure, we should learn from it. I have learned the important lessons of my life only in my defeats. I believe that failure is a great event in a person’s life, because defeat teaches you a lesson. After the defeat, you emerge as a more mature and honest person.

How about blushing

Some people do not want to talk about their defeat. They feel ashamed of the defeat, but I have never been ashamed of my defeat. I did a stage play at school time. The name of the play was Prithviraj. People from my family were also present in the hall to watch that play. That play was a complete flop. I often talk about that play. Laugh at him I made a play on my failures. I am the first actor to present his failures publicly. I laughed at my failures and made others laugh. The important thing is what lesson did we learn from defeat? If you have learned from defeat, then your victory is sure.

Trust yourself

I always say trust yourself. Recognize your strength and your potential. It is wrong to unnecessarily give more importance to another. Do not ignore your abilities. You are no less than anyone. This feeling should be in itself. I was from a very simple family. My father was a clerk in the forest department. He wanted me to do a simple government job as well. But I wanted to do something different. I never felt that I was inferior to anyone. I never felt that I could not do this. The most important thing is to recognize our capabilities. I did not do the job despite all the pressures. I took training in acting and decided that I want to become an actor.

Anything can happen

I have a play, anything can happen. If a loincloth man (Gandhi) can bring freedom to such a large country, then anything can happen. If a person crossing the river walks ten kilometers a day (Lal Bahadur Shastri) can become the Prime Minister of the country, then anything can happen really. If someone (Nelson Mandela) can become the President of the same country after being in jail for 27 years, anything can happen. These are some inspiring events that give us courage. It is important to trust yourself. Whatever difficulties come, do not think that I cannot do this. The day you have this thought, you will really lose. As long as there is passion, the path to victory is open.

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