Abhinav Bindra – First gold in any single event of the Olympics

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Every Indian is proud of Abhinav Bindra, who won the country’s first gold in any single event of the Olympics. In such a situation, it was only the army that awarded him the honorary rank of Lieutenant Colonel. People like Bindra are truly heroes.

Abhinav Bindra, recently honoured with the honorary rank of Lieutenant Colonel, is the first Indian to win a gold medal in the individual category in 112 years of Olympic history. He has achieved this feat in the 10-meter air rifle shooting competition. He has shot at three Olympic events so far and is now preparing for the Olympics in London. He does not have the slightest concealment of his ‘talent’ and he says very easily that I am an ordinary player and I have achieved the goal with my planned efforts. Abhinav has received the Arjuna Award at the age of 18. He has also been honored with the prestigious Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna award of the world of sports. Abhinav is 29 years old and has received the Padma Bhushan. His autobiography has been published in the market. Some sources of the success of Abhinav Bindra, who hated sports till the age of 11, and then increased the pride of the country in shooting:

Don’t ignore sports

Abhinav did not play any sport until he was 11 years old. Even he hated sports, but in the hostel of Doon School, he would get a letter from Father Manjit Singh every other day, which would have written that son, if education does not make sense, then do not ignore sports. Abhinav tried to play tennis first, but he did not listen, then he tried his hand at golf, but he did not enjoy it either. There was an indoor shooting range in the backyard of Abhinav’s house, where his father’s friend Lt Col JS Dhillon discovered his possibilities. He became his first coach and then by his talent, Amit Bhattacharya, he still goes with Abhinav to the whole world. At the age of 16, he had tried his target in the Commonwealth Games. In the 2000 Olympics, Abhinav got 590 points and was eleventh. Then he could not even qualify, as he was not in the starting eight, but what he later found is history.

Never lose courage

Not being able to qualify for the 2000 Olympics was a heartbreaking moment for Abhinav. But he continued and the following year he won six gold medals in various international events. The same year he received the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna award. He had lost his life for the 2004 Athens Olympics, and had reached 59th place in the qualifying round, but he fell behind in the final to finish seventh. He broke down after not getting a medal after reaching the final of the Athens Olympics. In despair, he even said that he was never a talented shooter. But then he saved himself and got up with courage. He got the result as a gold medal.

Hard work is also talent

Abhinav Bindra believes that working hard is also a sign of being talented. Anyone can work hard and achieve success with his help. The simple formula to succeed is hard work. But planning and working hard can have good results. Abhinav Bindra made a blue print of his success, targeting the Beijing Olympics. The goal was not easy, and in the meantime he was also injured. But he did not lose his courage. The eyes were fixed on the target like Arjun. He took all aspects including physical and mental training as a challenge. Sometimes he himself thought that you cannot always win in the game, but in the next moment in mind, you have to make a determination that every game is only to win, every gold medal has someone’s name written on it, so why not my name The

Correct guidance is important

Success is not easy without proper guidance. Though Abhinav belongs to a well-to-do family and also has a private shooting range in his home in Punjab, he could not have achieved this without the support of his first coaches Lt Col Dhillon and Amit Bhattacharya. Abhinav always thanks his coaches and family and prays for them. Amit Bhattacharya goes to every tournament with him like a shadow. In fact, Bhattacharya is his mental trainer and has been with Abhinav ever since he was 13 years old. Abhinav’s current coach is Gabriella Buhlmann of Switzerland.

Respect competitor

Former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi once said that the victorious must remain victorious. It has been fully assimilated by Abhinav Bindra. He gives full respect to his competition at the shooting range and tries to maintain his morale. Even at the Olympic Games, he was seen cheering his competitors. He believes that every player always wins, it is not possible, but if his courage remains, then the path to the next victory can be easy for him.

Return to society

You are a part of this society and if you only keep taking from it, then how will work work? Abhinav Bindra is trying to get back whatever he is getting from the society. For this, he is providing resources to young players. He himself is preparing for next year’s London Olympics and is also guiding young players by himself. Abhinav advocates for improvement in the functioning of sports organizations and he talks with Babaki about this.

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