Schwarzenegger – Sometimes go off the beaten path

I decided to become a bodybuilder. Knowing this, my mother was deeply shocked. I had a great career in body building. Then I decided to go to the film. However, the film agent rejected me on seeing it. But I stayed

From body building to films and finally politics. Born in a simple Austrian family, Schwarzenegger came to America and touched the heights of success. He achieved all he wanted to achieve. In the year 2003, he became the Governor of the Province of California. At a convocation, Schwarzenegger told the youth some important sources of success.

Countless opportunities

You are going to enter a new phase of life. New doors of growth and development are about to open for you. Believe you are in the greatest country in the world, you have excellent colleges and universities. You have countless opportunities to move forward. Sure, there will be difficulties in life, but despite this your life will be very beautiful. With this belief, you will have to start new life. Great opportunities are waiting for you. I want to give you some suggestions with the hope that they will be helpful in showing the right path in the difficult moments of life.

Trust yourself

Often people ask me what is the secret of your success? I tell them that I believe in myself. Yes, believe yourself, you can find any destination. I was born in Austria. My family wanted me to become a police inspector like my father. But something else was going on in my mind. My dreams were completely different from what my family thought. I wanted to be a bodybuilder. I put posters of many great bodybuilders in my room. Those posters were my source of inspiration. But when my mother first noticed those posters, she was shocked. He believed that bodybuilders beat up. They felt that I was going on the path of cruelty. But I was firm on my decision and eventually I managed to become a bodybuilder. You have to decide what you want to do? What do you like? What makes you happy I wanted to be a bodybuilder. This was my dream. I came to America to fulfill this dream of becoming a bodybuilder and I was successful.

out of box

sometimes it’s good to break the rules. When you want to do something different, people will laugh at you, question you. Difficulties arise when moving out of the box. People question, so that you are upset. But you have to stand firm. I had a great career in body building. Then I decided to go to the film. But the film agent rejected me on seeing it. He said that my body structure and my speaking style will not let me succeed in the film. Obviously, it was a strange thing for a bodybuilder to make a film hero. People associated with the film found it strange. They thought I was dreaming unnecessarily.

I was also determined I started taking acting and language classes. For this I practiced hard. Undoubtedly, it was a very tiring task. But I stayed Finally I got a break in the film and started on a new path. That’s why I say don’t let others decide what you will do. This is your life, decide it yourself.

What to fear from defeat

Some of my films flopped, but some were well liked. It always happens – sometimes defeat, sometimes victory. It doesn’t matter if I lost on some fronts. I did not get disappointed after the flop films, because I hoped that I would succeed. Everything I did was done with full confidence and confidence, regardless of whether I would succeed or fail. Do not listen to those who say that you cannot do this work. Ignore those who discourage you. They deserve this. Promise myself that I can, I will. When you keep this thing in mind, then every path becomes easy. I can, this feeling gives you new hope, gives you the courage to struggle with difficulties. So never be afraid of losing.

All the best

Do not do anything half-heartedly. Whatever you do, do it with all your heart. When you are determined that I have to do this work, do not back down. You have to try with all your heart. There is a saying, ‘You cannot climb a ladder with a hand in your pocket.’ Hard work is not an option. You will have to work hard. When I decided that I wanted to become a bodybuilder, I left no stone unturned to fulfill my dream. I read a lot of books on body building. Collected information about all the great body builders. I did not listen to those who were saying that I cannot be a bodybuilder. Came to America for training. All the difficulties came, but my efforts continued.

Social responsibility

The society has a lot of expectations from you. If you are competent, then your responsibility increases. Millions of people need your help. Think of those who did not get opportunities like you. You will get true happiness by helping the society. Surely the feeling of helping others will give you self-satisfaction.

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