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जाने इस पोस्ट में क्या क्या है

Kiran Mazumdar( Biocon Company) started add the year 1978 from his garage during a rented house.. He faced many problems like lack of capital, young age and new sector. But he did not give up. Kiran, who has won all the awards including Business Woman of the Year and Leadership, focused on encouraging new ideas at a program. Excerpts from the speech:

No lack of talent

There is no dearth of talent in our country. Undoubtedly, we have many challenges today, but the good thing is that our country has a large number of talented, smart and hardworking people. People who are ready to work with energy, enthusiasm and new ideas. They have to encourage us. As far as something new is concerned, for this we will have to improve our education system, so that children can be encouraged for new things.

Children’s curiosity

We have to change our mindset to do something new. The ideal situation is not to silently listen to and accept what is told to us. We must have the courage to question what has been told. I believe that we have to instill the courage to question the children at the school level itself. In order to try and understand something new, we need to ask questions. We have to encourage the curiosity that is growing in the minds of our children, so that they can ask questions arrogantly in their minds. I would be happy if our medical students work on a new clinical trial. They should know which areas are undergoing new research in other medical institutions of the world. If there is to be a change in the society, then we have to make some important changes in our education system.

Promote new ideas

It is not that our country lacks new ideas. Great ideas are scattered all around. We do not understand their value. The truth is that people here in our country are hesitant to share their ideas. They are afraid that people will make fun of them, laugh at them or take their ideas seriously. We have to end this hiccup. Such an atmosphere has to be created that people can put their ideas in front of everyone without any fear. We have to motivate the youth at the college and university level. If someone has the passion to do something new, he has to be encouraged. We cannot walk on a worn-out path for long. We have to do something new. Something that changed the situation of the country and society.

Idea price

We have to understand how valuable a new idea is. A new idea can revolutionize any field. So we have to give respect to new ideas. To be honest, just giving the idea is not enough, we have to implement that idea, we will have to work on it. Our youth have to understand that the idea is not a minor thing. It is a kind of property. We have to give importance to this property. For example, in our country a lot of work needs to be done in areas like health, drinking water and irrigation. New ideas are needed in these areas. If someone has some new idea to solve the problems related to them, then he should come forward and put forth his idea. If we encourage, then surely many people will come up with new ideas.

Challenges and opportunities

People are afraid that there will be great problems in doing something new. Yes, there will be problems, we cannot avoid them. Challenges are bound to come in the way of progress, but challenges create new opportunities for us. We have to understand this. If you want to succeed, you have to go through a period of failure. I believe that entrepreneurship means failure and learning from that failure, so that you can succeed later. I am saying this based on my experience. Failure is a learning process. I have seen many failures in my career. But I have never been afraid of them. Defeat shows us the way to victory. To win it is necessary to lose. If you have failed in some work, then think about where you went wrong, rectify that mistake and then move on.

Women entrepreneurs

Life is a difficult journey, but these difficulties make our life interesting. Encourages us to move forward. Whatever happens, do not give up. When I started my career, I was 25 years old. I had only ten thousand rupees to start a business. There were many difficulties: At first I was a woman, I was very young and I wanted to work in a new field like bio-technology. People used to think what business would such a young girl do. Then he saw very few possibilities in the field of bio-technology. People were not ready to give me a loan. They thought that this girl would not be able to do anything. Obviously, this journey was very difficult for me. But if you decide once, then the paths open automatically.

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