Azim Premji – Dreams are your true motivators

The spirit of victory is necessary to play, but winning does not mean defeating others. Victory means making the most of your abilities. When you apply full strength to achieve a goal, then you realize your true potential. Victory is not just about thinking for yourself, victory also means motivating people working with you to win, so that they too can develop their abilities and move forward. When you dream of winning, you work on a mission with full passion. This passion, this passion leads you to victory.

Inspiring dreams

Dreams are your true motivators. Dreams inspire you to move forward. My experience says that great achievements take shape twice: once in the brain, and then in reality. The most exciting aspect of being young is the ability to dream. As you grow older, you realize that it is not possible to realize every dream. But aging does not necessarily mean that you forget your dreams. I say that you take a lesson from your experience and adjust your dreams to change. In the changing circumstances, you will have to change your strategy and style, but do not stop dreaming. Dreams not only inspire us to move towards success, but also provide the energy to achieve the goal.

Hang on

Regardless of the difficulties, stay strong. When you feel that everything is shattered in life, then there are only two paths left in front of you. One, step back and accept defeat in front of the situation, the second is to move forward in the face of the situation. The best aspect of difficulties is that they make us stronger and more tolerant. You cannot achieve special achievement only with the help of extraordinary ability. To achieve great success, you must have both perseverance and endurance. I will tell you an anecdote. In 1972, a chartered plane bringing the rugby team crashed in the Andes. After searching for a week, the relief team assumed that all the passengers aboard the plane were killed. The relief operations were stopped thinking this. But the truth was something else. When no one arrived for relief for several days, two of the stranded travelers decided to help themselves. They crossed the mountain on foot and reached the Green Valley of Chile, so that they could make some arrangements to help the other travelers. On the strength of their hard work, they could save the lives of all their comrades. All the passengers were able to return safely after 70 days of the accident. If you have the same feeling in you, no one can beat it.

Don’t brag

If you do not know about anything, do not hesitate to accept it. It is good to show that you know a lot, but it is not necessary that you know everything. There is no use in brazenly bragging about your knowledge. In today’s era, the exchange of information has become so fast that it is not possible for everyone to know everything. There will be no benefit from hiding the truth. Yes, if we accept the truth, then people will definitely respect our honesty.

Ahead of success

Some people stop thinking about the future after getting success. Rather than looking at your success, it is better to consider what to do next. If you stick to today’s success, then you will be deprived of the opportunity to come. I believe that instead of being afraid of future challenges, they should be seen as the best opportunities. Actually, these opportunities open the way for our next success.

Work hard

Whatever you do, do it with all your heart. It is not necessary to just complete the work. The important thing is how have you done something? Efficiency does not come from any kind of certificate. Efficiency means that whatever you are doing, you have done it with all your heart and passion. Small things related to some work are also important. Only these small things separate your work from others. Excellence is habit, not action.

Always be happy

It is okay to be serious about work, but there is no need to be serious all the time. You should find opportunities to laugh. This will enable you to be positive towards life. Being happy is also a habit. This habit is good for the best life. Happiness creates the energy to fight challenges in you.

The meaning of leadership

It is not necessary that you remain a leader at all times. It is important that you contribute yourself to learn. Have you ever seen a swarm of birds flying in the sky? How different birds guide this flock in turn on long distance, so that one does not have to put too much weight. Every person’s role is important. Whether playing the violin or the drums, you are all part of the orchestra. Leadership is not just about exercising rights, but it also rightly means to contribute. Leadership does not mean authority, but responsibility.

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